Title: One Shot ~Come on My ho

Title: One Shot ~Come on My house
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rated: G (Maybe NC for the last)
Pair: Matsumiya
Disclaimer: I hope they’re my collection.. And unfortunately not.
Warning: This story contain M-Preg, don’t like don’t read
Summary: Everyday is the most favorite sight that Jun love, he won’t get bore over and over again
Yeah, I’m back with another fic. This fic is my imagination base on my talk in a facebook group ‘Matsumiya~The DoS and The Brat’. Everyone there surely make my imagination going wild. Hohoho. When Krys decide to make drabble, I come with one shot. I hope you like it. I’m sorry for grammar mistake and typo, because English is not my mother language. Enjoy~

When Jun blinks his eyes, he can see beside him laying his lovely wife. His face never changes a bit even after their 10th anniversary. He sits in their bed and get closer to his spouse, he remove the bang which cover his wife forehead and see his beautiful face in front of him. He can stop smiling to see how peaceful his wife sleeping figure. He decides to make him wake up with pouring kiss all over his wife.
‘Ugh, Jun’ his wife mumble in his sleep, when Jun doesn’t really stop with his action, Nino finally open his eyes slowly
‘Such a nice way to wake me up, huh’ Nino tease him and smile before him
‘I want to taste my morning Kazu’ he say and kiss Nino again
‘Mou, Jun. it’s still early in the morning. Stop the sappy thing’ Nino say when pull away from Jun
‘But you do love the sappy me, don’t you?’ he say following his wife
‘Yeah, I love it’ Nino smile and kiss Jun’s lips slightly
‘Now, go to shower. You have meeting this morning, right?’ Nino command Jun and Jun just pout
‘Stop pouting, I’m not the one will blame when you late. Now go’ Nino say and process to second floor
Jun got to take his shower when Nino wakes their boys up. It’s been their 10 years of marriage and they can’t be happier than this. They have three boys already and they make their live complete.

‘Satoshi’ Nino’s call but his boy doesn’t seem to wake up
He opens the door and sees his first son still in the dreamland
‘Satoshi, wake up, darling. You need to go to school’ the boy doesn’t bulge, he know exactly how to make him wake up
‘Ne, Sato-chan, if you don’t wake up in 5 second I’ll forget your painting that I promise you to buy’ he threaten his boy
‘5, 4, 3, 2..’ he start counting down and Satoshi fully wake up
‘Ugh, mom’ he say mumbling a bit
‘Good boy, now get ready to school and come down when you finish batting’ Nino say and stroll to the next room connect to Satoshi
‘Sho, wake up darling’ he say shake Sho body a bit
‘I’ll wake up, mom’ he rubs his sleepy eyes and process to bathroom
‘Good boy’ Nino says to his second and ruffles his hair playfully
Sho get a head to bathroom when Satoshi knock his head to bathroom door.
‘What?’ he let a small cry, rub his forehead
‘Sho, I’m going first’ Satoshi knock bathroom door hard
‘Wait, Nii-chan. I’ll finish within a minute’ Sho talk loudly to adjust his voice volume with a sound of running water in bath tub
‘Mom, I already say to you. Wake me up after Sho takes his shower’ he says annoyingly and pouts to his mom
‘If I do that you will sleep forever. If you have nothing to do then help me in the kitchen’ Nino say and Satoshi just follow his mom, he can’t refuse his mom after all

A pair of hand circles around Nino waist when he is fries a toast for breakfast.
‘Morning, hun. I just finish my shower’ Jun says huskily and bite Nino’s neck
‘Ugh, can you do it inside your room? It’s gross’ Satoshi let a chuckle when set the table
‘Jun, don’t.. we still in front of the kids..’ Nino says and tries to loose Jun hug
‘Satoshi, you can use 1st floor bathroom’ he point to the bathroom and Satoshi just nod and take his shower
‘How are my twins this morning? Do they behave well?’ Jun touch Nino’s growing belly with smile
‘They keep chasing each other for god shake. I don’t know when they’ll calm down’ Nino strokes his 6th month belly. Jun manage to squat a little adjust his height with Nino’s belly
‘Ne, babies-chan, please don’t chase each other in Mama’s belly okay. He feel uncomfortable all the time’ Jun voice seem to calm down the twins. When Jun stroke Nino’s belly again he just feel a small kick
‘It’s like you both have calm down. Good girl’ Jun kiss the belly and then kiss his wife
‘I’ll make you talk everyday to them. They always calm down when you get closer’ Nino continue his job and Jun sit in front of the counter doing his routine, read a news paper. This routine inherited to Sho who is always like news and like reading news paper from a long time a go

‘Jun, do you want coffee?’ Nino ask him when he finish frying his bacon
‘Yeah, please’ he grin to his wife
‘Mama, where’s my English dictionary?’ Sho ask from second floor, he is in panic mode on
‘Calm down, darling’ Nino manages to climb to second floor to help Sho find his dictionary. His second boy is 8 years old. He is in his 3rd grade but he is brilliant student but still clumsy in another way
‘I told you already to arrange your stuff well, right? Your Papa also helps you to clean up the mess,’ Nino scolds his son in their study room
‘Sorry, mom’ Sho sorry a bit and lower his head
‘Here’ Nino handle Sho his dictionary and Sho gladly accept it
‘Thanks mom’ he smile brightly
‘Clean up after you come home okay, Sho’ Nino ruffles his son hair and Sho just nod and stroll to dining room

‘Do you find it?’ Jun ask concern
‘Yup, it’s beneath his pile of book’ Nino sits beside Jun and enjoys his glass of milk
‘Where’s Satoshi?’ Jun look around can’t found their eldest son. Their eldest is 10 years old and in 5th grade. He is not as brilliant as Sho but Satoshi have a strong sense of art which he inherit from Nino.
‘Don’t say that he is sleeping again’ Nino drags his feet to bathroom near their room. He can’t found Satoshi in there, so he search in their room and can found Satoshi dozing in their bed
‘Oh my god, Satoshi. Get up right now’ he shake his boy body and Satoshi just smile sheepishly
‘Get your uniform and go to the dining room, breakfast is ready’
‘Yes, mom’ Satoshi go to his room and not long come down with his back pack

After finish his breakfast, Nino go to the kitchen again. He is skillfully makes his boys bento. Jun who bring his plate to wash, seeing his busy wife want to do some help
‘Do you need any help, hun?’ Jun ask curiously peeking behind Nino
‘No, just sit there. I’ll be finish in a minute and get your suit’ he smile wide and Jun can stop loving this person. He is a wonderful wife. Even tough Nino is not the type who suit being house wife, he manage to do his best and raising three boys is not an easy task to do.
When Jun is busying himself watching Nino’s figure behind the counter, Masaki voice broke the silent. He cries so hard until Satoshi and Sho annoy.
‘Oh, my little Masaki is wake up. I’ll go get him’ Nino says hurrying to Masaki room, while Jun grab his wrist
‘It’s okay, Kazu. I’ll get Masaki, continue your doing’ Jun shove Nino back to kitchen and he go to Masaki room to make his little boy calm a little
To his surprise Masaki crying and wailing loudly. He doesn’t know how to stop Masaki from crying his heart out, so he decides to bring Masaki to the kitchen.
‘What makes him cry?’ Nino ask worriedly
‘I don’t know. When I hug him, his cry seem louder’ he say and give Masaki to Nino embrace
‘Now, now, Masaki. I’ll be with you don’t cry’ he rock his boy up and down
‘Mama..’ he hug Nino tightly, his crying stop a bit and let a small whimper when he sleep again
‘I guess he have a nightmare. Jun, Would you mind to put Masaki back to sleep?’ Nino let Jun lift Masaki to his room again

‘It’s your bento’ Nino give to his boys
‘Make sure to study well okay’ he says and kisses his boys cheek, Sho nod
‘Mom, I’m already ten. Don’t kiss me’ Satoshi whine
‘You still my baby, Satoshi. Please be careful on your way, bye’ Nino says and wave to his boys. He close the door and stroll to Masaki room where Jun lull him to sleep
‘Does he sleep?’ Nino ask, lower his voice down so his little boy won’t wake up
‘Yeah, let’s leave him alone’ Jun lead Nino out. His Masaki not usually a whine and cry type. Even tough he just 4, he always smiles wherever and whenever. He is an active boy who love adventure, but he always a cling type and always love being with his mom around

Nino and Jun back to their room. While Jun sits in the bed, Nino goes to drawer to take his husband suit. He gives it to Jun and Jun gladly accepts it.
‘Let me help you to wear it’ Nino stands in front of him and repair his tie
‘Good’ he says when looking in his work. He always like when Jun wearing his suit. It makes him damn hot and his hormone doesn’t help at all
‘Jun..’ he call in husky voice and grab Jun neck suddenly
‘Hey, what’s wrong, hun?’ Jun say still in a shock
‘I want you’ he says and kisses Jun roughly
Jun enjoy this so much and doesn’t pull out until they need to catch some breath.
‘Wow, what so into you?’ Jun ask, his own and Nino’s lips swollen after the kiss
‘I don’t know, blame the babies’ he say and stroke his belly gently
‘So, do you want me to stay with you to make out?’ Jun smirk to him
‘I wish, but I can’t. Now, go to office and do your meeting properly’ Nino pushes him off to the front door, handing Jun bags and kiss his pouty lips slightly
‘Don’t pout, Jun. We can make it tonight, okay’ Nino say with a smirk and Jun can’t help but grin happily
‘I’m going, then. Bye Kazu’ he kiss Nino’s lip slightly and kiss his belly
‘Bye, girls. Take care of Mama, okay’ with that Jun go to his office

Nino strolls to Masaki bedroom and see his youngest child already rub his eyes. He sits on the bed, smile when he sees his mom around.
‘Mama..’ he extend his hand to reach his mom
‘Look, who is wake up?’ Nino says and tickle Masaki tummy with his nose, Masaki giggle loudly
‘Mama, what.. breakfast..?’ he title his head curiously
‘Melon bread. Masaki love it, right?’ Nino carries his son to the dining room and sits him on the baby chair
‘Masaki love melon bread’ he say smile widely. Nino finds it cute and pinch Masaki cheeks
‘You’re cute’ he say
‘Masaki, let’s play water after breakfast’ Nino say and Masaki bounce up and down on his chair
‘Water.. water.. go.. go..’ he finish his bread in split second and they decide to take a bath together

Masaki plays happily in the bathtub, splash water to his mom
‘Mama, little baby.. when.. born? Masaki.. big brother.., right?’ he ask get closer to his mom and touch his belly
‘Un, yeah Masaki will be a big bro. let’s wait another 3 months, okay’ he say and shampoo Masaki hair
‘Lil sis.. fun.. Masaki.. play. with ..them’ he play with his rubber duck
‘Sure, Masaki will be happy playing with them’ Nino say rub his belly, wish they both safe and sound

After a half hour bathing, Nino decides to take Masaki to Dept. store. He wants to buy month supply.
‘Where.. going?’ he ask, when drink his milk
‘Dept. Store. Mama need to buy something. Promise me you will behave, okay’ Nino says, look at his son slightly while driving
Their errand in Dept. Store is run smoothly. Masaki behave and everything bought properly.
‘Here’ Nino says when he hand choco ice cream to Masaki
‘Yeah, ice cream’ Masaki smile and gladly take a bite to his mouth
Nino whom feels a bit tire decides to take a rest in a park. He sits in the nearest bench and Masaki run to play sand. Suddenly, Nino phone rings
‘Moshi.. moshi’ he say to the other person
‘Hello, sweet heart. How are you?’ Jun ask with cheerful tone make Nino smile a bit
‘Hi, Jun. fine, just tire a bit after buy month supply’ he say while rub his sore leg
‘Why don’t you ask me to take care of that?’ Jun ask worriedly
‘It’s okay, Jun. I can do it, I’m just pregnant not paralyze’ Nino chuckle
‘I know, hun. Take care of yourself, okay. Get your phone to your belly, I want to talk to the girls’ Jun ask and Nino lower the phone to his belly
‘Hi, girls. Do you behave today? Good, if you do. Don’t make Mama tire, okay. I love you’ Jun say and finish it with a kiss sound
‘Do you finish talking?’ Nino ask, make the phone back to his ear
‘Yup. Okay, Kazu, don’t strain yourself and please don’t get to tire. If you need help call me, okay’
‘Okay’ he says lazily
‘Okay, I’ll call you later. Bye, hun. I love you’ he says
‘I love you, too’ Nino says and hung up the phone
‘Masaki, let’s get home before Sato-nii and Sho-nii come back home’ Nino walk towards Masaki and hold his hand lead them to the car

It’s already evening when Nino and Masaki come home. In an hour Satoshi and Sho will come home. Nino must prepare dinner and bath for them. He lull Masaki to sleep. Masaki already sleep, so he slips to the bathroom and prepare the bath for his son. After that, he goes to the kitchen and starts to make dinner. When he still busy in the kitchen, the door opens and shows his sons.
‘I’m home’ Satoshi and Sho say together
‘Welcome back’ Nino say from the kitchen
‘What’s for dinner, Ma?’ Sho ask curiously
‘Miso soup and Nattou’ he say simply
‘Great’ he smile and go towards his bedroom
‘Satoshi, what are you doing?’ Nino ask his son when he see Satoshi just sit and doing nothing
‘Nothing. I’m just sleepy’ he grin
‘Oh, come on. Don’t doze off, darling. Take a bath and do your home work with Sho, okay’ he say gently and Satoshi nod

‘Mama, I don’t understand this problem. Can you help me?’ Satoshi ask his mother when he is preparing table
‘Un, wait a minute’ Nino go to the living room and look at Satoshi book
‘Use this formula and you’ll doing good’ he smile and Satoshi thank him
‘Mama, what is the meaning of ‘The Priceless thing in the world is Family smile” Sho ask
‘There’s nothing in the world could buy the family happiness’ he explain and continue his job to set table

The sun already set for quite a long time and once again door open
‘I’m home’ said Jun
‘Welcome back’ Nino go to the front door and take Jun stuff
‘Good work’ Nino says and kisses Jun cheek
‘Thanks. Where are the boys?’ Jun look at living room but can’t see their boys at all
‘Satoshi painting in his room, Sho doing his science project and Masaki already in dreamland’ he explain
‘Oh, so it’s just the two of us’ Jun try to hug Nino, but Nino push him
‘Wait. Take a bath first’ Nino hush Jun to the bathroom
After a few minutes, Jun out from the bathroom with smell fresh of soap.
‘Have you dinner?’ Nino ask from the kitchen
‘Not yet’ Jun say and dry his hair with towel
‘I’ll heat this for you, then’ Nino take Jun’s wrap food and re-heat it
Jun with his playful side, slid to Nino’s back and hugs him from behind.
‘What are you doing, Jun?’ Nino say, moan let from his mouth when Jun trail his neck with kissing and biting
‘I’m enjoy my dinner’ he say and continue to kiss
‘J.uuu..nn’ Nino can’t stop but moan to reply, when he smell burn. He escape from Jun hug and look at his food terrified
‘Look, What are you doing with this food’ Nino scold
‘Sorry’ Jun just smile apologize
Jun end up just eat onigiri that Nino make just now. When he finishes his food, Nino also finishes with his dishes also clean up Jun plate. Jun make way to their room and sit on the bed, wait for his wife to come.
‘Why you’re not sleeping?’ Nino asks and settles to sit on the bed
‘I’m waiting for you’ he says and starts to cuddle with Nino
‘Un, don’t tell me you remember this morning’ Nino ask terrified
‘Of course I remember every part of it’ Jun smirk
‘But now, it’s not time for make out. I know you’re tired. Let me massage you’ Jun says and manage to put Nino’s leg on his lap and massage it
‘Thanks Jun. My feet are so sore. I can’t stand to long’ Nino whine
‘You’re welcome, hun. I like when you depend on me a bit’ he continue massage and Nino feel comfortable
‘Kazu, thanks for being with me and take care of the child’ he say and poring Nino with kiss in his face
‘Why are you suddenly say that? You’re not cheating, are you?’ Nino say interrogate him
‘No, of course not. I am just thankful to you for all. You have a great carrier but you chose to become house wife for me. I don’t know if I even deserve your care’ Jun say
‘I do it because I love you, Jun. I don’t mind to take care of the boys and I love to carry your child. Don’t ever feel guilty because of my past, Jun. you deserve me. You know that’ Nino explain and cup Jun face with his hand
‘I love you, too, Kazu. And I’m sorry to make you trough all this’ Jun stroke Nino’s belly gently
‘Don’t sorry because of it. I’m happy to carry your child all over again. Well, stop with these sappy things. We have tomorrow to head of. Let’s sleep, Jun’ Nino say and lay beside Jun, Jun do the same
‘Yeah, sleep tight, Kazu. Nice dream’ Jun mumble and finally drift to sleep
Everything seems normal to all couple all of the world, but for Jun his everyday with his Kazunari always exited and happy at the same time. Their house is full of happy and joyful laugh, it’s that Jun wish for.

Well, how about this? I don’t think I can make this sappy enough. As I say, I don’t really have any experience. I just make it base on my imagination and my parents interaction. Awww.. okay, last but not least, please say what you though about this fic..
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