THE WEDDING I. Facts about


I. Facts about the case:
On Friday, December 31 of last year, Miss Garcia announced that she and her boyfriend, Engr. Sonny Nolledo were going to be married. The said wedding will be on January 21. These are their preparations for their wedding.

? Church
Church and reception hall reservation would take a day and they need at least 14 days notice. That has to be done before they can start decorating, which takes 3 days. And extra P 1, 500 church donations would probably cut that 14-day notice to 7 days.

? Maid of Honor
Miss Garcia wanted Lyn Daffodil, her friend to be her maid-of-honor but she is in General Santos. It would take her 10 days to get ready and come up for the wedding day. But could fly up in two days via Cebu Pacific and it will cost them P 188 Cebu and for Maasin via Cokaliong P 500 that makes it 688.

? Catering
It would take 2 days to choose the cake and decoration, and Crizel’s Catering wants at least 5 days notice for wedding plans. Catering services must be chosen first before they could start decorating.

? Gowns
Miss Garcia wants to wear her mother’s wedding dress, but they have to replace some lace. They could order the lace when they order the materials for the bridesmaid’s dresses. It takes 8 days to order and receive the materials. The patterns need to be chosen first, and that would take 3 days. The stores are close until January 03, but they could get the materials in 3 days if they pay an extra P 1, 500 to air freight it. Miss Garcia wanted Mrs. Diano to work on the dresses, but she charges 500 a day for labor. But if they do the sewing, they could finish all the dresses. With Mrs. Diano’s help, they could cut that down to 6 days at a savings of P 340 for each day less than 11 days. It would take another 2 days for final fitting and another 2 more days to clean and press the dresses. They would have to be ready by rehearsal night before the wedding.

? Wedding Invitations
The wedding invitations must be sent out at least 10 days before the wedding. It was planned that the invitation and envelopes with return addresses would all be printed. No addressing could be done before delivery by the printer. Addressing would take 4 days unless they hire some part-time girls to do it. They would probably save 2 days by spending P 200 for each day saved. Before they can write out those invitations, they need a guest list, and it will take 4 days to order. It usually takes 7 days to order the invitation from Kojac’s Printing Shop, but he might do it in 5 – 6 days if they slip him an extra 80 for each day saved. It would take 2 days to choose the invitation style before they order them.
Miss Garcia’s father said its going to cost him P 1, 700 even before she start hiring extra people and flying the maid-of-honor around. He suggested that they elope instead and take P 5, 000.

II. Statement of the problem:
Very limited time for the wedding to prepare and could the wedding preparations be finished on time.

III. Statement of the objective:
To determine if the wedding preparations would be finished on time which is January 21 and to prioritize list and rearrange the things to do based on what we find as most urgent and important.

IV. Alternative Courses of Action:
The preparations will be finished on time of the wedding.
It usually takes months to plan for a wedding, more so if the event is going to be the hit of the year. In this case, it will not happen to the couple. They only have 20 days to prepare; they could not afford to go beyond that because Engr. Sonny Nolledo will be leaving to London the day after. With so very limited time, and with so much to do, it is doubtful if they can do it. The right thing to do is to carefully plan for it so that all preparations will be ready before the rehearsal night.
If they follow the schedule of the activities which we will be using PERT-CPM ( see attachment ), it can be observed that they will surely exceed the time frame. The preparations for the gowns and invitation cards alone would eat up most of the schedule. The wedding will not happen on January 21.
If the preparations have to be finished, preferably earlier than planned, the best way to do it is to rush the completion of the preparations. It is therefore necessary to reduce the total time required for some activities that takes the longest time to finish which is the preparation of gowns and invitations. They also have to hire more people to do the job. Some would have to render overtime work to speed things up.
Miss Garcia could ask more of her relatives and friends to help. She could ask them to help the 2 girls address and mail the invitation cards. Some of them could deliver the cards personally for those who live in the locality. Personal delivery is much faster than post office mail. With more hands to do the task, the invitation cards would surely be sent earlier than planned. Her Aunt Perry would not surely reduce her gift by 1, 000.
It is also necessary to spend more for additional costs, so they have to stretch their budget. Most activities can be done faster when more money is spent.
* Extra P 1,500 church donation to cut the 14 day notice to 7
* P 1,500 if they air freight the materials for the gowns
* Pay Mrs. Diano for helping the gowns
* Hire part time girls to address the invitation cards
* Extra P 80 to Kojac’s Printing Shop
To solve the problem with the bridesmaid’s gowns, it would be better if they just rent the gowns instead of sewing them. It would probably take 2 days to look for the design then another 2 days for the fitting and making adjustments, if there is any.
With these strategies, the preparation time would be shortened and the wedding will proceed as scheduled.
It will be advantageous to all parties concerned if the wedding preparation will be completed on or before the scheduled date. The bride to be will be glad to focus her attention on the more significant aspects of the wedding, making herself beautiful for that big day.

V. Recommendation:
Given the alternative I think the wedding will come up as planned. With PERT-CPM it helps maximizing the time involve yet meeting the scheduled time. It might not be the hit wedding of the year but surely the wedding will happen on January 21.
Activities Symbol Activities Description Duration
( Days ) Prerequisite Activities
Crash Time
Cost A Obtaining of wedding license B Church and reception hall reservation
C Notice 14 7 P 1,500 D Choosing catering services 5 E Choosing cake and decoration 2 c F Selecting bridesmaids 1 G Choosing patterns for gowns 3 e H Ordering and receiving materials for lace of bride and bridesmaids gown
e, f
P 1,500 I Sewing of gowns 11 6 P 340 J Lyn Daffodils arrival 10 2 P 688 K Choosing invitation card style 2 L Ordering invitation cards from Kojac’s Printing Shop
5 or 6
P 80 M Printing of invitation cards 4 N Addressing of invitation cards 4 2 P 200 O Ordering for a guest list 4 P Mailing of invitation cards 10 2 Q Final fitting of gowns 2 f, g, h R Cleaning and pressing of gowns 2 f, g, h, p S Church and reception hall decoration
a, b T Wedding rehearsal night U Wedding day
Preparation Time: 20 Days
Start of Preparation: January 01
Completion: January 21
Cost Estimate: P 1, 700






Start of preparation, January 01
A – obtaining of wedding license
B – church and reception hall reservation
C- notice
D- choosing catering services
E- choosing cake and decoration
F- selecting bridesmaid
G- choosing patterns for gowns
H- ordering and receiving materials for gowns
I- sewing of gowns
J- arrival of Lyn Daffodil
K- choosing invitation card style
L- ordering invitation cards from Kojac’s Printing Shop
M- printing of invitation cards
N- addressing invitation cards
O- ordering for a guest list
P- mailing of invitation cards
Q- final fitting og gowns
R- cleaning and pressing of gowns T- wedding rehearsal night
S- church reception hall decoration END WEDDING DAY, January 21