1. Is Jack Hartnett a transformational or transactional leader, explain in detail ?

Jack Hartnett leadership style as it is described in the text is anachronism. He runs his business in his own way. The styles that he has chosen to run his business describe him as also a good leader and an equally difficult to cope with leader.
The things that made him a difficult to cope with leader is that he enforce his employees with his own Eight Commandments, that his employees have to follow. If they don’t follow these commandments he will fire them. An example of his Commandments is, I will tell you only one time. It is a very strict commandment and you can expect many employees to follow some unreasonable statements.
On the other hand in the text it describes the other side of his leadership style.
Jack Hartnett is a Transactional leader as; he guides and motivates his workers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements.
Jack may well be a good example of the Directive leader in House’s path goal leadership theory.
As it is written in the text he is also a good leader and he knows what he wants for his business, how to keep his employees and how to run his business for high profit.
He is doing top-lever hiring by himself and he spends a lot of time with them and their spouses so he can find all information about them. He wants to find all info about them because one of his goals is to have employees that are willing to work with him for a long time. He likes to have employees that are loyal and are willing to work hard for him.
Working with Jack Hartnett, will ensure you a home, family, community and a place to grow.
He will be there for you when you have problems with your family and spouse, because he wants employees to be focused when they are working and not thinking about family problems.
Jack Hartnett is a good leader because he spends a lot of time with his employees playing golf and also wants to create bonds that last with his employees, also working with Jack Hartnett means that you will get paid above national averages.
As it is described in the text Jack Hartnett likes to have fun with his employees and he makes jokes with them. Is good to have some fun time with you employees, not only to pressure them to work well and efficiency but also have fun with them so their working day became more enjoyable.
Jack Hartnett has two leadership styles. If you want to work with him you need to obey his strict rules but in the other hand you will have many advantages. He is a good leader because all of the above and he try to have good relationship with his employees. He is a hard working person, he has a vision for his company and he does his best to achieve it. His followers are willing to work hard for him and they are rewarded in many ways for their obedience and loyalty.

2. What situational variables do you think explain his success at Roger’s?

Jack Hartnett is a successful business man., for many reasons. Selecting people looking for or tolerant to such kind of authoritative leadership style .High pay .Relationship building with some employees. Cultural elements – employees may come out of a conservative area where his personal questioning would be acceptable.
Jack Hartnett has a vision, he knows what he wants, followers that he knows how to keep them and knows how to run his business for high profit.
One thing that made him successful is that he runs his business in his own way. The way he chose to lead his followers gave him loyal followers that obey his rules. He is like a friend to his employees and like a family to them. He knows everything about them, their financial situation and family. He respects their family situation and he takes them for training with their families. These things gave him the chance to have long lifetime working together with them.

3. Would you work for him?
In the second part of the question if I would work for Jack Hartnett the answer in no.I wouldn’t work for his company.I don’t like the idea of the Eight Commandments. I like in an organization to have rules and legislations but rules that are fair to all the people of the organization. An example of Hartnett’s eight Commandments is, `I will tell you only one time’. This Commandment is very strict and not fair because some people might forget or perceive things in different ways. Also is very strict to have such rules and expect your employees to follow and obey them. In a company I like to participate and be able to agree and disagree with the employees and managers. I like to feel free to say my opinion and participate in decision making and tell my opinion.
In Hartnett’s organization they also have advantages for employees and one of the main advantages is the salary. But for me the most important is to belong in an organization that I feel free and that will give me a chance to develop my ideas and my vision and maybe became a leader by myself.
Therefore as students, we would be bothered with Jack’s Dictatorial leadership style.

Here are some extra points can be included in facts or conclusion
* Jack encourages his corporation to be like a family.
* Jack has a very inner locus of control, where he attempts to control everything and believes his actions create results
* He, however, encourages his employees to integrate their personal lives with their work lives and often steps into family business to help sort it out. It seems his employees believe or trust that Jack is a smart individual who knows what he’s doing. They obviously respect his opinion to not revolt when he injects himself into an employees personal issues.
* Jack Hartnett, D.L. Rogers Corp., president, leads by combining ingredients from both the Stone Age and the New Age. Hartnett prides himself on knowing everything about his employees–both at work and at home. Is Hartnett’s style intrusive? Yes! But neither he nor his employees consider it a problem. He believes that the more he knows about his workers, the more he can help them stay focused at work and happy at home.
* But if you think he’s “Mr. Nice Guy,” think again. Hartnett instructs his employees to “do it the way we tell you to do it.” He’s perfectly comfortable using the authority in his position to make rules and dish out punishments. Break one of his rules twice and he’ll fire you. The managers who work for Hartnett are well compensated for meeting his demanding requirements.
* Does Hartnett seem inconsistent? Maybe. He believes in openness, integrity, and honesty. But he expects as much as he gives. He admits to purposely keeping everybody slightly off balance “so they’ll work harder.” Hartnett’s approach to leadership seems to be effective.
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