October 2011

Thursday morning:

Stage 1 : Miscommunication

Voice Over of Marlon/Julien

Dennis Miller – MBA Student – > Marlon

Linh – Marketing and Sale Officer – > Hùng

DM: Hi Linh, I have completed my proposition and messaged it to you.

L: OK much obliged.

DM: Do you think I ought to send it to the Dean of Faculty as well? May be he’ll be intrigued.

L: Oh no, I’ll investigate your proposition and will send it to the senior member. It’s exceptionally touchy; he wouldn’t like to get messages from somebody he doesn’t have even an inkling.

DM: OK thank you for letting me know that.

L: Yes, Sure

(after 1 week)

DM: Hi Linh, any remarks about my proposition? Is it great to go?

L: Yeah, beyond any doubt.

DM: So what do you consider the thought of advancement week for French clients?

L: Oh, I believe it’s incredible.

DM: So what did the senior member say?

L: Oh, simply hold up a couple of days, he’s excessively occupied.

DM: OK. So would you be able to let him know about the advancement program in light of the fact that it’s the French national day coming. That sort of project will be extremely alluring to the vacationers and different clients.

L: Yes, beyond any doubt.

(An additional 1 week)

DM: Linh, would I be able to ask you something?

L: Sorry, I have a considerable measure of work to do. Could you hold up until this evening?

DM: OK. Simply need to let you know that I’ll go to other territory this Thursday.

L: (Just grin)

DM: Is it OK on the off chance that I go?

L: Yes, beyond any doubt.

(Friday – same week)

DM open his PC and sees an email from the neighborhood accomplice to his school:” I can’t reach to DM, he’s not around the local area while we have to converse with him about the proposition. Numerous work to do…”

DM: Linh, I let you know I was going to other area. Why did the senior member send that email? He doesn’t have the foggiest idea?

L: Yes beyond any doubt.

DM: So he thinks about my outing? What’s more, still send the email?

L: Yes. Granted.

DM: So why he sent that email and make it fluffy like I’m fouling it up down here?

L: Oh don’t stress, it’s simply nothing. He’s fine with it.

DM: Really? Alright. So what about my proposition?

L: It’s great.

DM: But the French day is over and now what about alternate arrangements for the eatery?

L: Don’t stress, everything’s great.

DM: When will it be chosen? Coz I would prefer not to hold up every one of the conditions such as this and not doing anything.

L: Just hold up. It’s all OK.

DM: Wait? For to what extent?

L: May be only a couple of more days.

DM: So would it be a good idea for me to compose another proposition while holding up?

L: Yes. Of course.

DM: Will the senior member have time for it?

L: Yes beyond any doubt.

DM: OK. So I’ll see you in 2 weeks alright?

L: Yes. Of course.

What ought to DM do in this circumstance?

Voice over: Quote of Marlon

Stage 3: (Case study 3 ) wrong command

(2pm Thursday English Club)

after 2 weeks

The volunteers met numerous new companions through their associations with Gia Lam School.

What’s this? Margot! Why does she choose to join the English Club path back in Binh Duong without letting me know?

I’m going to send an email to AYAD’s head office. They have no admiration for us, working outside the command. I’m so irritated at this point!

As you would like to think, what ought to the volunteers, Gia Lam School and AYAD do with a specific end goal to accomplish the undertaking destinations and keep up great relations between global volunteers and Gia Lam School?

Margo: exhausted at the workplace and join English Club

Understudy volunteer


Stage 2: (Case study 1) Isolation

(8.30 office)

Jess and Tu

Jess: living far away, no body communicate in English, speak terrible about her, all messages, calls,….

Tu: all occupied, never answer…