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(Gaze interview in Philo1)
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Mrs. Ma. Lourdes Bien Me-Anne L. Bertiz
Instructor BSBA-MM-IA
There are so many sensible topic that could be studied and learn about but this one call my attention or should I say it is more interesting for me then my topic that I will present to you is all about the homosexuality. I’d chosen this topic because I am comfortable within this and to have a psycho analysis with one of my close friend.
May I introduce to you my topic Homosexuality astate of being homosexual or sexually attracted to people of the same sex it is based on or showing a sexual attraction to people of the same sex. I will present to you the nature and relationship of being a homosexual with my close and careful examination then on what I’ve study to the emotions and her thoughts.
Since then, creating analysis, recommendation and then having a method of explaining and threating mental and emotional problems to talk about or psycho analysis to this project.

Based on my analysis it was happen to her as caused of environment, family and home, and what she’d experienced. Foremost it starts when she felt something that she couldn’t even explain why she can’t accept the love or admire came from guys around her got mad and irritated but when it came from the girl she feels happyand enjoying the moment. The experienced of her that she felt the love from the same sex rather than opposite she can easily to attract with girls than boys.
Another one is what happened to their family when her Dad abandon them and had a new family to live withthen it’s added in her thought that guys are always like her father and begun to filled with anger threatening her Dad with disfavor. And because of this happenings guys had always brought her to madden and not being worked on anymore and it has always a negative impact to her.
Then also once she’d experienced of having a boyfriend that she never felt the same and the thoughts of all men are the same lust is always what they really want in a relationship.
Since then, when you look at her you can see that she don’t look like lesbian or homosexual because of her physical features. Those who just knew her personally can identify what something is and the sad part was some of them still discriminated and insulted for who and what she is. Good thing in her she’s strong and firm she doesn’t care about what other people saying against her being a Homosexual. She always expresses what she really feels and just being real is what she desire.

“There’s no one that can judge me” as she learn according to Pope Francis. It seems that she was happy for being real and having a freedom for being a Homosexual.As long as she don’t caused harm to anyone she believes that there’s nothing with it being a Homosexual.
I learned not to be affected for what other people telling against you, negative thoughts, discriminations, criticism and those gossips. And as a person just show your real identity and your virtues if they don’t accept who you are, so who they are in your life right? Life is worth living for and for you to please everybody.
Question and Answer
1. Did your family know about it? How did you tell it?
o Did my family know it? Yes, they all knew about it. Common sense was needed. I don’t think I have to tell it to everybody, those who are just knowledgeable enough and or let me say those with common sense.
o I don’t mind telling them about my identity because this is me and I’m not doing anything about wrong or I don’t cause harm.

2. What are the comments and feelings of your parents?
o My parents? I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything about their opinions about my status.

3. Ifyour relatives knew about it what is their reaction?
o My relatives knew that I’m a Lesbian and my peer’s reaction are shock, angry, and they regretted.

4. How and when did you know that you are a Homosexual?
o It was when I was on my elementary years, when a guy told me that he has a crush on me, I got mad and felt irritated. But when I had a friend (girl) who seems to be a lesbian and got closer with each other, I felt that she had a crush on me, I didn’t got mad or irritated but instead I felt happy. When I was on secondary level, I can say that girls got attracted to me that those with opposite sex. I had a girlfriend but I did not even courted them, they just gave motive to my actions.

5. Do you feel dis respected by others?
o On my situation, I don’t look like a lesbian or homosexual because of my physical features. Only few person knew about my identity, those who just knew me personally that’s why I can say Yes some of them discriminated and insulted me for what I am.
6. What made you think that you are a Homosexual?
o It is easy for me to attract to the girls rather than boys it is just like a magnet REPULSION or a force that pushes something away when I am with guys and ATTRACTION or something interesting and enjoyable when I am with girls.

7. Why you are involved to this situation?
o As what I’ve said I became a homosexual cause of environment and boys are always negative impact to me and as my father’s disrespected attitudes I hate boys.

8. How was your everyday life as a Homosexual?
o About my everyday life, well it is still normal. Even when there are persons still criticizing me.

9. For you what are the advantages and disadvantages as a Homosexual?
o Advantages:
I am free. I can show the real me. I don’t have to do things to prove something.
o Disadvantages:
There are people who doesn’t knew anything, yet they keep on telling things that are beyond their knowledge. They criticize and judge me as if they are having a life like mine. This is my life, they don’t have to interfere.

10. Do you have a relationship with the same sex? How does it feels to be in love?
o Yes. I felt happy.

11. How do you show your affection to your loved one?
o Of course I made effort to show that I love her or them. I give my time and respect.

12. Do you have a past relationship with an opposite sex? How does it feel?
o Yes. But it was not a serious one. I am unhappy, annoyed and irritated.

13. What was the difference having a relationship with the same sex and an opposite sex?
o With the opposite sex, I can’t show or tell what I feel and I always felt afraid. The bonding with your boyfriend always have a negative impact to those people who will see you together. While with the same sex, it’s normal though there are negative things but it doesn’t seem to be bad like when you are with a guy. Some regretted about me having a girlfriend but inspite of all the comments I received or heard from the others, I’m ending with one objective “It is loving her without buts, and staying with her without doubts.

14. How does it feels when you are with your guy friends?
o I can say itsnormal, cool. Especially when I am with my friends Lhex and Aljohn because they are like gays haha. They have the sense of humor. They made jokes that will make us laugh out loud and look like crazy. So it’s funny being with them.
15. Is there a chance for you to have a family with an opposite sex?
o No? It was what I had figured out. I never think about that Like Hello? I’m a lesbian and marrying or having a family with an opposite sex is like hell. Guys would just tell harsh words on me especially when they don’t get what they want like my ex-boyfriend.

16. Do you think is there a chance for you to change or to go back to normal?
o Is there a chance? I think No? It was for the reason that it’s difficult for me to change a decision that I myself had locked it on my mind.

17. What can you advice to other people involved into this situation?
o Don’t mind those criticisms, discriminations and opinions about you and those gossips.

18. What can you advice to other people that are confused about their identity?
o Just be real. Being real is most important than any other thing. Don’t be afraid to show your real identity and your real self.

Here are what I had recommends or suggest to her as follows:

* Girls are for guys only.

* It is immoral.

* Try to forget your painful past about your ex-boyfriend because not all boys are like him.

* Forgive your Father he is still your father.

* Accept the fact that you are born as a girl.

I always reminding that she’s beautiful I regretted or I feel sad and I kept on telling her try to change or go back to normal and as a close friend of her I really care but it’s her life and her happiness.