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Please write your answers directly on the word document. Answer the questions in a concise manner. Completed applications should be returned by email to the above address.

Please be sure to attach copies of the diplomas you refer to in the application as well as a digital picture of yourself.

Letters of recommendation
Paideia requires that letters of recommendation from at least two persons be sent directly from them to

Paideia fellows are eligible for scholarships during their studies at Paideia. The scholarship includes tuition-free studies, a study trip to Israel and a monthly stipend of aproximately 750€ per month to cover rent and living costs.
Paideia currently offers two specilized scholarships. The condition are the same as above with the following additions:
European Jewish Fund Scholarships. Eligible are candidates who work with Jewish Community development. European Jewish Fund Fellows are required to focus their project work on Jewish Community development.
Euopean Jewish Heritage Research Scholarships. Eligible are candidates who are researchers/students in the field of European Jewish Heritage. European Jewish Heritage Research Fellows are required to focus their project work on research on European Jewish Heritage.
The number of scholarships is limited. A student’s ability to be financially self-sufficient or to secure external financing will be considered as merit in the admissions process. The scholarships are distributed on an ongoing basis. Therefore the earlier you apply, the better chances are to get a scholarship.

Paideia welcomes applications from qualified individuals committed to the revival of European Jewish culture.

No prior study experience in Jewish text is required. European communities, institutions and organizations are invited to propose candidates whom they envision filling leadership roles.

A free and open atmosphere is an important prerequisite. Paideia aims to be an organization where everyone is treated equally and respectfully, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and physical ability.

For further information about the educational program see our home page or email
Part A. Personal Details

Family name: First name:

Date of birth: Place of birth:

Address (street, city, state, country):

Citizenship: Passport number:

Family status (married, no of children):

Telephone Number (incl. country and area code): Fax no:

E-mail address:



Highest qualification to date (e.g. university degree, certificate or diploma):

Name of institution:

Principal subject:


Jewish and Hebrew education (formal or informal), if any:

Name of institution, degree or points completed and dates:

Hebrew language proficiency (rate yourself):

Work experience




Names of programs, organizations or NGOs in which you have been involved, if any:

Religious affiliation (Community or Synagogue), if any:

Skills and competences

List special skills, awards, or interests:

Mother tongue:

Other foreign languages:


Special needs

Do you have any condition or illness that could affect your participation in Paideia’s program?

Dou you require special assistance?


Are you applying for student accommodation provided by Paideia?

Are you applying for living expenses stipend provided by Paideia?

Are you applying for the European Jewish Fund Scholarships or European Jewish Heritage Research Scholarships? (See criteria above).

Will you apply for external financing outside of Paideia?


Please list two personal references (include occupation, email, and phone number):

Part B. Jewish Culture and Text

Previous experience in Jewish studies

Did you ever study Jewish textual sources? If so name subject, level, and context.

Why do you want to participate in a program that focuses on Jewish studies?

What part of Jewish studies interests you most?

How did your interest in Jewish studies, text, and culture begin?

Paideia studies

Why do you want to study at Paideia? What can Paideia give you that other programs cannot? What do you expect to develop at Paideia?

How did you hear about Paideia?

Do you know anybody who is a Paideia graduate? If yes, who?

Part C. Specialization and Applied Dimension

What needs for Jewish studies have you identified in your country?

What are your future goals/plans involving Jewish studies/culture?

How do you see yourself contributing to the future of Jewish culture in Europe?

Your field of expertise

What is your current area of studies/research/work/art?

How do you plan to develop your studies/research/work/art in the future?

How could Jewish studies nourish your studies/research/ work/art?

Describe some potential ways for Jewish text to interact with your own field of expertise.

Can you give an example of a specific case where Jewish knowledge, text, or culture integrated with your field in an inspiring way?

Project experience

Describe two projects that you have carried out or were involved with:

Describe an ideal project that involves Jewish texts and culture that you would like to create:

In what kind of institution are you interested in working? (i.e. university, museum, library, Jewish community, synagogue, school, student organisation, interfaith movement, etc.)

If you work in research or art, please include some work samples.

Part D. Essay

Write an essay (between 150-275 words) that illustrates your views on challenges and opportunities concerning Jewish life and Jewish culture in your home country or in Europe at large.

Part E. Summary

To summarize, write a bio about yourself. The bio should be written in third person and be around ten lines long. Below is a matrix to help you along:

First name, family name
City of origin, country of origin

(Studies) N.N is a student of … He has studied at the University of … He holds a diploma in…
(Work experience) N. works at … He has also worked with…
(Involvement in organizations, extra curricular activities) N. has been involved in…
(Interests and hobbies) N. is interested in…
(Future goals) N.’s future goals are…