Growth of contemporary Christianity in India

India, the nation in the South Asia along with the nation having the vast population has been home to several separate kinds of the religions. Hinduism, India’s main religion has been the manner of life for greater than 80% of the India’s one billion people. 

Hinduism has been the religion, which started in the Central Asia along with moving in the Northern India of three thousand years earlier through the nomadic cattleherding tribes named Aryans or noble ones.  Those tribes brought with them, teaching as well as traditions from initial Indian villagers called as the Vedas in that had been written down along with memorized generation after the generation as well as became foundation of the Hinduism.

Over and at the time of centuries ahead, several other religions came in existence within India, notably the Buddhism that eventually spread in the entire world and also Hinduism. Buddhism in addition has been called as the sect of Hinduism that split due to their individual religious system that had been founded prior the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Most influential religion had been Buddhism along with Hinduism i.e. up until rise of Islam. Both Buddhism along with Hinduism donot believe and practice worship of one god however believe more of the inward faith i.e. way of life or all living things have been respected per se.

India had faced too much opposition and had been in the constant attack. Several nomadic people who have entered India within the second century and also 8thcentury can be much more potent military threats however their cultures had been thoroughly absorbed through India.

But, in 711 C.E., India has faced for 1st time the important people with the culture and also religion both as the sophisticated as well as powerful being their own: Islam. Muslims have entered and also altered the face of religion through patterns of the faith along with alliance as much as by sword. Muslim culture eventually immersed itself in between culture along with lives of Indian people that outcome in the shared teachings as well as intermarriages within both the Hindu’s and also Muslims.

            Battle, which took place at Talas River within the Central Asia in 751 C.E had been the turning point within Islam along with Hinduism relationship. Such battle had been between expanding empires of Arab Muslims as well as T’ang China. Arab victory in that battle not just stopped T’ang dynasty’s expansion towards West; this in addition led towards triumph of the Islam on Buddhism like prevailing religion in the Central Asia. Such triumph paved the manner for the Islam being birthed like the prevailing religion within India and also is being growing ever since.

            Over years Islam had been fairly tolerant about those practicing Hinduism along with even went as far as preserving Hindu temple sun god within Multan to prevent Hindu attacks that may damage the holy spot. As Arabs just conquered northwestern part of the India, its tolerant rule won several converts to the Islam within that region that remains Muslim towards this day.  

But, tolerance level had been eventually reversed along with Hindu’s suffered persecution from Muslims. Those events lead towardsthe swift, deteriorating diminish of Islam that permitted newer people with the newer culture to take on the British.

            Before Islam in India, this has been widely felt that St. Thomas, disciple of Jesus, 1st introduced Christian faith to India around 2000 years earlier. But, Christian influence could not dominate the region till around year 1542 while Jesuit Francis Xavier came on the mission’s voyage from the Portugal along with work of Roman Catholics started in the earnest (Houghton 2006). 

Establishment of the quality education had huge effect in India, particularly with the female education. As educational barrier of educating the women had not been favored, this eventually grew towards newer heights and also took off with both men as well as women getting quality education. Outside of impact Christians was in India, they in addition had also been responsible for particular contributions in the language along with literature and also social reform.

            Whereas Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam have continuing to grow, Christianity in addition has been fast growing in India nowadays. As per 1991 census, there had been twenty three million Christians within India, making up 2.3% of aggregate population. But, Christian executives along with demographers estimate number of Christians at 50m, or 5% of population. Whereas it can be the smaller number in comparison to Hindus and Muslims, this has been number, which has been ever increasing.

As per 2001 Census of India, Christianity has come up like the main religion in 3 North-eastern states, majorly, Nagaland, Mizoram as well as Meghalaya. In other states or Uts, Manipur 34.0 percent, Goa 26.7 percent, Andaman & Nicobar Islands 21.7 percent, Kerala 19.0 percentalong with Arunachal Pradesh 18.7 percent have considerable percentage of the Christian population to aggregate population of State or UT (Hindson and Caner 2008).

In present years, conflict along with violence has captured religious life of several in India. Growing religious conflict can be seen by lens of faster growth along with expansion of Islam and also Hinduism as seen nowadays in several parts of world.

Within India, clashes within the Hindu’s and Muslims have been ever enhancing. In year 1990, Star tribune reported that Hindu mobs had been beating, stabbing, tying up along with throwing Muslims in the burning house whereas others had been stabbed and also beaten in streets since 460 year old mosque, which Hindus say had been developed on foundation of the initial temple marking birthplace of the Rama, much worshiped warrior god. 

Those clashes had not only been seen in India however elsewhere in the world. Religious intolerance has been plaguing in world and also persecution has been increasing just as fast as any religious belief.

            Muslims have not only been targeted within India either. Christians have also being targeted also as few in India feel that Christians has too much political power. Few blame Christian missionaries to convertHindu’s to the Christianity along with charge Christians with the absurd crimes like chicanery and also deception. 

Violence continues to increase within India having some pretty gross acts committed against both the Muslims along with Christians alike. The notable case has been 4 nuns who work medical clinic within India had been dragged from their convent as well as gangraped through dozen or more men.

Whereas violence has been penetrated in between religious sector of India, this has not stopped growth of Christianity. From Catholic and also Protestant Christianity, reform has most surely been motivated through Christianity. Impact of Christianity is felt throughout all of India, particularly by manner of the Indian society along with culture with education as well as grammar being at top.

            Christianity remains vibrant despite increasing religious intolerance within India. Fact that Christian community has contributed positively towards nation building has been uncontested. Nowadays, there have been Christians integrated in very fabric of all fields of the Indian society, both within public along with private sectors, from members of the Parliament, chief ministers, corporate executives, physicians, engineers as well as down to chauffeurs, chefs, and also guards at gate. 

Even if violence, which been seen in between Christian communities within India nowadays enough to stir hearts of several, this has been easier seeing at persecutions being the advancement tonot just the bigger cause however more modern style of the living for Indian people.

To paraphrase, late Bishop Stephen Neill about Trinelveli Diocese, Church of the South India: for Christian Church along with their mission in the India, task has been challenging as well as along journey the number of mistakes are made however equally surprising, perhaps has been the fact that the considerable measure about success is being attained.