Employee management system

Note: Below case-studies must have at least below mentioned features, rest you can add yourself. You need to secure at least 70% marks for getting ticket of Advanced Abap training program

1. Room(Lodging) booking site:
* This site should be link between Lodge owners and the end users for a particular town
* User should be able to choose type of room
* Providing the number of People system should suggest the room
* Need to check the gender
* Lodge owner should be able to maintain rooms & facility information
* Login option should be available for lodge owner as well as for the users
* User should be able to book the room.
* On taxi booking price & other important information should be displayed
* Booking can be cancelled
* If cancellation is made before 48 hours then nothing will be charged from the user , in case of cancellation before 24 hours 25% will be charged
* If user is booking for 5th or more than that time from the site then he should be given 5 % discount
* Owner should be able to see the statistical data report like for a choosen period of time a report is to be generated

2. Employee management system: (HR module)

* Manager should be able to maintain employee data
* Employee data should contain personal & official data
* Employee should be able to apply for Leaves
* Employee can cancel his\her leaves
* Employee’s salaries should also be maintained
* Based on experience he\she will be given a bonus like after completing 1 yr employee will get 10000 after completing 2 yr he will get 20000 and so on maximum bonus given based on experience is 50000.
* Based on login , screen should differ for manager and employee and leave approval feature should be available only for manager
* Manager should be able to see the statistical reports on the employee performance, attrition rate etc.

3. Mobile sales system: (SD Module)

* Manager should be able to maintain the mobile data for all the mobiles it has in the store like price , features etc
* Customer should be able to buy mobile, they should be able to compare different mobiles on the criteria chosen by them like customer may choose criteria like price or features like memory etc.
* After buying mobile customer should be able to generate the bill for himself where he should be able to change his name only rest of the fields will be read only
* Once mobile is sold, it should update the quantity in mobile store and if the quantity of this mobile is less than 3 then at the time of manager login system should provide this information to the manager by showing him message at his welcome page.
* Manager can create order for getting the mobile from various distributors and after getting those store quantity will get updated
* Manager should be able to create promotion for any type of mobile which will be displayed at the welcome screen of User , on clicking on the promotion link user will be taken to the details of that promotion.
* Manager should be able to see statistical data on mobile sales happened from his store on various categories like mobile model , certain month etc.

4. Courier service system: (MM Module)

* System should record all the information of the thing to be sent like what it is, weight, destination, person details etc.
* System should be able to sort the courier based on the destination and then it should assign a person who will carry these courier
* Courier service employee should be able to claim their reimbursement
* System need to maintain the reimbursement for the courier person like travel cost, food and accommodation etc , this will be done by the manager of that service company
* User should be able to track his\her product by entering ID provided by courier service
* In case of loss , courier service will pay customer his compensation
* Compensation policy should also be maintained by manager

5. Store management system: (MM)

* Store manager should be able maintain the Store master data like no of workers working and their designation etc
* Each store will contain multiple types of products and each type of product will be stored at a particular place in store eg storage place for daily consumable product like milk will be stored in cold storage area etc
* In case products loaded truck comes to the store then store keeper should have interface for accepting those products
* After accepting the goods store inventory should get updated for the respective product.
* If product does not exist in the store then manager should be able to create that product
* Any customer should be able to order some certain quantity of products
* Permanent customer should get benefits in the form of 10 % discount; Customer becomes permanent if he has ordered for more than 1 lacs of product.
* This order should get approval from store manager then this order should get processed and store should get updated
* Manager should be able to see the statistical report on the store quantity with products. Also for a particular period he should be able to see the report on import and export happened in Store.

6. Movie ticket booking site:

* Manager of multiplex should be able to maintain the data of the employees, movie timing, movies etc for each city like Mumbai, Bangalore etc.
* User should be able to book the tickets by choosing the seats shown on the screen(Checkbox)
* On each booking user will get 10 points, when no of points reaches 100 for that User he\she will be awarded an additional ticket
* User can book tickets in different class like Gold, silver, platinum.
* User can cancel the ticket at any moment. In case of ticket is cancelled 4 hours before the movie schedule then user will get 50% of his money back otherwise no money will be returned to the user.
* User can search for movie based on various categories like based on city , date etc.
* If any Gold class ticket is being booked then that user should be able to see the food court menu where he\she can book the food during movie and on selecting veg\Non-veg\both respective menu should come accordingly
* Manager should be able to see the report on the revenue generated for some certain period; he should be able to know the revenue generated by food court and movie separately and collectively.

7. Coaching Centre management System :

* Managers should be able maintain the master data.
* Manager should be able to assign\Unassign teacher to a particular class
* Students should be able to change their shifts as per their choice , no student should be allowed to change their shifts more than twice in a session
* If a student is doing the coaching for the second time , he\she should be charged 10% less than the actual amount
* Manager should be able to see the statistical report on the number of student made to final selection
* Manager should be able to see the Teachers performance and top performer (Student & Teacher will be rewarded)

8. Job Searching Site

* Employee and Employer(Company) can register themselves to the system and can share information across
* Employee Can apply for a Employer’s job
* Rating system should be available such that employee can give rating for Company and Vice versa
* Admin should be able to delete any of the profile
* Admin should be able to post the advertisements and can
* Admin should be able to see the number views for the Companies job profile and post the advertisement cost
* Other activities which can be part of a Job searching websites (Naukri , Monster )