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Contextual analysis #1

ALMA Gadgets: I’ll Long for You

ALMA Gadgets: I’ll Long for You


Mr. Andy Mallari opened a little shop offering transistor radios and other electronic parts in Cabanatuan City in 1979. His business developed and by 1990 he found himself able to spare cash and acquired a 300 square meter parcel and constructed a two-story building. He extended his business in other enormous towns of San Jose City, Gapan and Guimba in which his present operations spread deals and repair. At this point he utilizes five salesladies in Cabanatuan and six specialists.

Mr. Mallari’s point of view has changed radically after he met his previous cohort Estelito Chan who now has an entrenched apparatus get together plant in Manila. He said that he didn’t begin enormous yet rather as a subcontractor for a substantial gathering plant until he found himself able to set up his own industrial facility.

Mr. Mallari has three children, all having a place with the main ten in their particular classes. His most seasoned is about prepared to enter school and is considering sending him to a designing school. He supposes every one of the three can possibly assist him with understanding his fantasy of setting up his own particular gathering plant.


1. What school courses will best suit Mr. Mallari’s children?

2. In what capacity will Mr. Mallari built up his own particular gathering plant?


Regions of Contemplations:

• Individual Assessment of Mr. Mallari’s children

• Enthusiasm of Mr. Mallari’s children

1. Request

• Outside the interest for electronic parts that are utilized as a part of the gathering and upkeep of radios, recording devices enhancers and different chose apparatuses in different towns.

• Interior the interest for more labor to serve every one of the clients different needs as far as repair or deals

2. Rivalry

• Outer about Mr. Mallari’s previous schoolmate EstelitoChan entrenched apparatus gathering plant in manila and other manufacturing plant outlets

• Inside about Mr. Mallari’s representatives who are making progress toward higher position or compensation.

3. Customary Disposition

• Outer the pattern in the towns he needs to set up his processing plant

• Inside his organization’s tenets and regulations

4. All out Budgetary Speculation

• Outer aggregate interest in setting up more stores

• Inward claim more resources for contributing

5. Conceivable income

Proposed Approaches

I talk with Mr. Tim Hilario, a Security Officer at a major oil organization claimed by the administration of U.A.E., he recommend that “Mr. Mallri ought to take his eldest child to an electrical/hardware, or on modern designing. All things considered his eldest can be or will be a helpful device in his fantasy (Get together plant). His second child ought to take a course about systematic business organization, bookkeeping and back so that his child can deal with the diaries in the organization. His third child ought to take mechanical building with the goal that he will be responsible for the machines’ configuration for the apparatuses and in the hardware’s support in the get together plant.”


Base on the account of Mr. Mallari, Mr. Hilario reason that an accomplished individual performs as a specialist as well as a productive person. He began as a little agent until he turned into an effective one. This move ensures him as a man of insightful choice making and a father. In the event that he will step to satisfy his objective, he will require not to stress over his feasible arrangements and the instruction of his children.

The accompanying suggestions are being considered by Mr. Hilario:

a. Mr. Mallari ought to first make a possibility study.

b. Locate a decent wellspring of crude materials

ib. Importation convention, if crude materials is not locally accessible.

c. Mr. Mallari ought to consider saving money advances and amortization, enthusiasm, in the event that starting capital is not adequate.

d. Also, Mr. Mallari ought to additionally consider the thought of tying – up or going into joint endeavor, business concurrence with rich people or organization who are keen on setting up another gathering plant.