Case study by OnTrac at a Collections Process

Situation as it was before implementation of our Operations Assurance Framework

One of the world’s largest computer manufacturers had some concerns with the recent addition of quality as a metric. The management also had concerns about meeting its profit targets. The process was going through one of its toughest periods with respect to achieving its service levels. The leadership decided to get an outsider’s perspective on this situation and felt this required attention from an organization with relevant expertise. The organization needed to provide a quick fix and simultaneously ensure sustenance, so that the benefit could be sustainable over time. OnTrac had the necessary expertise in this area and therefore, the client engage the company for this engagement.

Solution as identified by OnTrac

OnTrac initiated the program by conducting a study to understand the current state of the operation. The data gathered through this study helped understand what the current situation was and why was in that state. Subsequent analysis helped create a solution to turnaround the situation.
The study took about a week. During this time, the OnTrac consultant was on the operations floor and shadowed the team managers as they went about their day to day activities. The primary objective was to identify what was making roadblocks they encountered, analyze how they spent their time, and to determine the maturity with which they conducted their day to day operations.

The analysis brought about some interesting facts that surprised the management. However, the management took a pragmatic view and gave their commitment to support the solution from OnTrac. One tangible aspect that came to light was the fact that managers were not spending as much time as required with their people, and instead, were involved in the process more like frontline employees. The dynamics of the process did require that they involve themselves more than in any normal back office scenario. However, the imbalance between process related work and the people related work was a worrying factor. Time management was an area of opportunity, which needed urgent attention. The amount of time spent on monitoring, coaching, guiding or motivating people, and the quality of these activities needed to improve.

Based on these findings, the on-site consultant from OnTrac started brainstorming with the entire senior leadership and with all the participating team managers. He finalized a way to re-structure all people related work in a simple manner with logical timelines, to ensure effectiveness. Once the leaders were satisfied with the study and the plans, the consultant implemented them in the context of the Operations Assurance Framework during the next 9 weeks.
The OnTrac consultant then worked with each team manager individually. He created a roadmap for implementation of the various operations routines, for the upcoming month, and shadowed each participant as they went about their tasks. The consultant ensured that team managers were briefed either individually, or in groups, on how to conduct these routines. The consultant then observed how the team managers actually implemented their learnings and subsequently coached them on to be more effective. This was done for every operations routine defined in the Operations Assurance Framework.
People worked in different time zones and therefore, the consultant adjusted his work timings to as to accommodate them.

Post implementation results

After the implementation was completed, participants and their managers were pleasantly surprised to see the extent to which the operations assurance framework actually benefited the process. The quality scores improved substantially and their profit metrics hit an all time high. In the last two weeks of the implementation process, the consultant had taken a back seat to check if participants are able to sustain the process without his intervention. This check provided confirmation that the operational routines had indeed become deep routed within the process. The end result was there for everyone to see. The team was extremely charged up, was brimming with energy and was ready to take on any challenge that came their way.


Time passed away so soon and yet we have more things to implement regularly from what we have learned from this program. It has been a great experience and I really appreciate the support you have provided all this time and helped me tune myself to be a better people manager. The program has been very useful for me. Right from the 1×1 we had on a weekly basis to the TM All in one worksheet, all the knowledge you shared has been useful to me in my daily work life. The program concept has been an eye opener for me and the process that you set for me will surely bring success to my work life.
I would like to stay connected with you and give you timely updates as to how I am progressing and will definitely want to reach out to you whenever I require an advice or coaching.
Thank you for all your support and tuning my leadership skills.
Thanks for the time you’ve spent with the team over the past several weeks, your conviction in the program has surely been a huge confidence boost that we can bring about some subtle but very impactful changes into how we manage the “hows” to deliver on the “Whats”. You’ve shared the tools and the processes, and while your assignment is ending, ours is just beginning to make sure we keep the focus and drive on

Head of Operations

Time flies by especially when it is a good thing. I am happy to see the contribution made by the program and know that it is not just reflected in our recent performances but also hold us in good stead for the future. Thank you very much and close with a promise to keep this momentum going.
Best Regards,
Head of Operations