case study

Scenario #1

Jonette and Raul are students at the same high school, but they don’t really know each other because they are in different cliques (groups of friends). Their cliques do not get along with each other and often get into fights. Jonette and Raul met one day when they were assigned to work together in science class. They are supposed to complete a project together, and will be partners for about three weeks while they work on their project. They were okay with it, even though they didn’t know each other.
In class on the first day, they got along really well. Raul kept making Jonette laugh with his impressions of their teacher, and he noticed that Jonette had really great ideas about how to do the experiment. They needed to work on their project outside of school, so Raul suggested that they meet at the public library on Saturday morning to finish typing up their lab report, and Jonette agreed.
When Jonette’s big brother Charles heard about their study plan, he threatened Jonette and said that he was going to beat up Raul. She told Raul, and his uncles got upset and said that if Charles did anything, they were going to retaliate.
Jonette and Raul like each other’s company and have to work together to get the grade in science class, but they also have strong loyalty to their family. What should they do?

Scenario #2

Miranda is a senior if high school and really excited about going to the Prom. She’s going to be really bold and ask a guy who she’s had a huge crush on all year. Miranda is friends with this guy, Steven, and she’s pretty sure that he’ll say yes. Even if “sparks” don’t fly at Prom, she knows that she’ll have a great time because Steven is a fun guy and a great dancer.
The night before Miranda is going to ask Steven to Prom, Miranda’s mom comes into her bedroom and tells Miranda that she has picked out a great Prom date for her. His name is Louis, and he’s the son of a friend she knows from church. He’s from a very good family with a lot of money, and he goes to the University of Washington. Louis has good grades and is already working at his father’s company, earning a lot of money. Miranda has never met Louis, but her mom says that it doesn’t matter, because he’s handsome and smart and rich, and if things work out then maybe he’ll want to get serious with Miranda and marry her. Mom says that Louis is looking for a wife, and that she already told Louis’s mom that Miranda is eighteen and would make a great wife for Louis.
Miranda likes her friend Steven and thinks that she is way too young for such a serious relationship, but she also wants to respect her mother. What should she do?

Scenario #3

Raquel got set up on a blind date by her friend’s cousin. She doesn’t know the guy that she’s been set up with except that his name is Kenji and he goes to a different school. They decide that their first date will be at a football game between her school and his school.
Raquel and Kenji show up with their own friends, and then meet each other at the concession stand at 7pm. After that, they didn’t talk to their friends again that night. They just sat in a corner of the bleachers eating popcorn and talking. When they left the game, they knew that they were in love. The next day, Kenji’s friends were freaked out because all that Kenji could do was talk about Raquel and how wonderful she was. He didn’t even eat lunch or show up for his afternoon classes (and he had never skipped class before)!
That afternoon, just one day after the football game date, Kenji and Raquel had their second date at a pizza place, and they talked about getting married. They knew that their parents will be furious and their friends will think that they were absolutely crazy, but they don’t care. They were in love and they knew that they wanted to be together. Since they were both 18, it wouldn’t be a problem to get a marriage license, and they figured that it would be pretty easy to keep it a secret until they graduated college.
What should Kenji and Raquel do? They are madly in love, and they want to be together, despite what other people will think.

Scenario #4

Jon and Deana have been dating since freshman year and they are really looking forward to the last few weeks of senior year – Prom, Graduation, and all the events that go along with being a senior. They’ve done all the work to graduate, now they just have all the celebrating to do.

However, one day Jon and his friends Carl and Danny were waiting for the bus, and a couple of students walk up looking for trouble, including Deana’s no-good cousin Demetrius. Demetrius is always clowning around and getting into trouble, causing lots of problems for the school administration and other students, so he has a bad reputation. Demetrius comes up to them and starts to pick on Carl. He starts to call him names and throws his backpack into the street. Carl is mad and runs into the road, where he is hit by a car and knocked unconscious.
Jon is angry and retaliates, picking up rocks and throwing them at Demetrius and chasing after him (while Danny takes care of Carl). Finally, Jon corners Demetrius and throws a punch right at Demetrius’ head, knocking him unconscious as well.
By this point, the police have come and they take Demetrius and Carl to intensive care – both are in a coma. Jon gets taken into the police station and questioned. The school administrators decide that Jon is expelled from school. He will get his diploma, but he will not be allowed to walk in graduation, attend the prom, or go to any other events. Many parents have also decided that they will not let Jon into any parties that happen outside of school at their houses, because of what he did.
Jon risks going to jail if he breaks the school rules, but he feels like he should be able to celebrate just like everyone else, and Deana feels the same way.
What should Jon and Deana do?

Case Studies for Romeo and Juliet

The play Romeo and Juliet concerns the problems that two young people have in pursuing a friendship/romance when their families and/or friends seriously oppose it. The characters Romeo and Juliet come up with a solution for their problem, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

You will be given a scenario to work with in a small group. Your task is to examine the problem in the scenario, come up with several solutions to the problem, evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, and try to lead the class to a discussion over whether or not you selected the best solution to the problem.

1. Read aloud the scenario in your group (take turns reading paragraphs)
2. Discuss the problem in your group
3. Everyone should summarize it on their own paper
4. Brainstorm a list of possible solutions (Everyone lists these on their paper.)
5. Choose one solution that your group can agree on as a reasonable option.
6. Make a list identifying advantages and disadvantages of your solution
7. Choose another solution from your list to consider as an option
8. Make another list of advantages and disadvantages for second solution
9. Make a poster with your solutions
10. Decide who will present to the class

1. Present your scenario to the class
2. Lead the class discussion about your scenario and your outcomes.