Advancement in Nokia System

Advancement in Nokia System

HOSR Analysis-Tips on Nokia framework 1

Potential outcomes :

Co or Adjacent BCCH

High TCH Blocking on target cell

Wrong TSC setting with respect to BSIC portion

Awful Neighbor Relation

HW defective or Unbalance TRX power among a part

Others ( Inter BSC-Inter MSC)

Readiness Data :

BCCH, BSIC arranging, ND report 072

Cell Stat or TQM of HO conveyance and ND report 153

Alert (ZEOH and ZEOL) and site visit

Timing Advance 232

Adjoining Consistency Check ND060, 62 or 69

ND Report 73 to check Undefined Neighbor


HOSR Analysis-Tips on Nokia framework 2

Issue Analysis :

Check probability Co. on the other hand Adj. Impedance then change BCCH recurrence.

Check neighbor movement and TCH blocking, check plausibility for activity sharing or coordinated retry.

TSC quality ought to be same with BCC, look at execution HO and approaching.

Parameter setting ADJE to make delay on most exceedingly terrible target cell or speedier HO on best target, concentrated on High HO Fail. Relate parameter FMT or AUCL.

Check TRX alert (for the most part 7745 together with 7743 or 7746). Check TRX setup.

Streamline scope from TA appropriation or upgrade missing Neighbor from ND 73.

Check the most elevated handover cause: by obstruction, quality, level, force spending plan, GPRS, and so on. Check for the most astounding HO disappointment: by Blocked, Conn. Come up short., Return to Old, End of HO,etc. The most elevated worth is conceivable as the most elevated commitment of HO fizzle


SDCCH Success Rate Analysis-Nokia System-1

Conceivable :

Obstruction on BCCH recurrence

SDCCH Blocking

SD Drop on Location Update

A_If, TRC or LAPD Fail

HW broken

Inordinate TA

Information Collection :

ND Report 72 to check BCCH freedom

Caution Log

TA appropriation ND Report 232

Quality and Link Balance ND Report 195 and 196.

Obstruction UL and ND 196


SDCCH Success Rate Analysis-Nokia System-2

Issue Analysis :

Check plausibility Co. then again Adj. Obstruction and clear the BCCH recurrence.

Check SDCCH use and include SDCCH if necessary.

Change TRP or change SDCCH portion on TRX with great quality taking into account ND 196.

Check TRX caution (basically 7745 together with7743 or 7746). Check TRX design.

Check TA appropriation, scope dissemination and propose physical tune.

Improving parameter C2 likewise if Location overhaul is the most astounding donor of SD Drop.

Most elevated supporter: Fail on RADIO, ABIS, A_IF, TR or LAPD.

Check TRX caution (basically 7745 alone or together with 7743)

Check RX Lev Access Min and Max Number of Retransmission. Check RACH Rejected and SDCCH solicitation (falls flat or apparition).


KPI Analysis on Nokia framework TCH drop-1

Potential outcomes :

Impedance on BCCH TRX

Impedance on jumping TRX(DL Interference)

Outer Interference (UL impedance)

Awful Neighbor Relation (awful HO)

Low Coverage

HW Faulty or TRX Power Unbalance

Other : A_If, TR or LAPD Fail

Readiness Data :

BCCH Planning, ND report 072 (DL Interference conveyance)

ND Report 216, 196 and Alarm (Interference)

ND Report 204, 153, 195 ( HO come up short and Path Balance)

ND Report 232 ( Coverage cell)

ND Report 163 or TQM drop for every reasons


KPI Analysis on Nokia framework TCH drop-2

Issue Analysis:

Check plausibility Co. on the other hand Adj. Impedance. Check clean BCCH recurrence.

Check DL quality Distribution and Check MAL and MAIO

Check UL quality Distribution, check UL obstruction Pwr Contrl setting to repay impedance.

Check % of HO come up short from adjacencies, concentrated on High HO Fail. Check TCH_RF_HO_OLD. Check probability to include some neighbor. Attempt to counteract un legitimate HO and use FMT to decrease drop.

Check best serving cell, plausibility HO to best serving cell (Macro or Indoor) make it quicker to counteract drop.

Check TRX alert (for the most part 7745 together with 7743 or 7746). Check TRX setup or reset TRX if necessary.

Check TA dissemination, scope spillage and proposed physical tune.

Check and think about which one the most elevated: Fail on RADIO, ABIS, A_IF, TR or LAPD.

Trust it’ll be helpfull.