A Case Study of Computerized I

A Case Study of Computerized Information System Of Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish Balingasag, Misamis Oriental
Executive Summary
Almost all companies and business establishments nowadays are deliberately using computerized systems for them to give their clients the best service they could possibly give. Even long before our technical advancement, information has been recognized as a vital resource and thus should be managed well. The development of the new technology today has greatly influence the management of information systems of different establishments. Business establishments, companies, cooperatives and other establishments are now using computerized information system to minimize work, save time and lessen manpower in managing their information needs. The manual system is now slowly being replaced by convenient and user-friendly computerized systems.
Unfortunately, the information system of Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish of Balingasag is still in its manual process. Form the time it was established, the church sacramental event and collects records in their archive system using registry books. Because of the increasing population of the municipality of Balingasag, the records of the parish is also expanding which results to slow process in answering the requests of the parishioners. It requires longer time in requesting certificates especially on peak seasons like fiestas, mass weddings, baptism, first season of communion, confirmation and burials. Thus, manual archive system requires time and effort to manage and operate its process.
Finally, the study aims to introduce and propose a computerized information system for the said Parish. The study covers the computer database or storage of data which is the innermost part of the system. This propose information or archive system will be so much efficient and effective in answering the problems met by the client and the parishioners and even the personnel in relation to the different transaction of the said parish.

Objective of the Study
The proponents of the propose project aims to meet the following objectives:
* To start the operation of the proposed computerized information system of the parish for its documentation.
* To solve the problems met by the client; time and effort consuming, manual process and low security of the archive.
* To maximize the use of the office computer.
* To promote information communications technology (ICT) to the community.
Company Background
The proponents of the proposed computerized information system to the parish of Sta. Rita de Cascia in Balingasag were not able to retrieve the history of the parish because of a confidential reason. The parish were not able to keep its history documentation because of the incident happened in the year 1942 when the Japanese soldiers burnt the parish including all its documents and records.
Employees and Duties
There are two personnel and two priests in Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish of Balingasag Parochial Office:
Rev. Fr. Jose Allan Pulgo , SSJV (Parish Administrator)
* Affix signature for the certificates as the Parish Administrator
* Approval for any transactions

Rev. Fr. Amie Balacuit, SSJV (Assistant Parish Priest)
* Takes over the duty of the Parish Administrator when not available
* Coordinator of the Parish Youth Coordinating Council (PYCC) of Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish

Vilma Empinado
* Parish Secretary/Archivist
* In-charge of the different transactions of the church like schedules, events, and documents.
* Receives payments and issues official receipt to the parishioner

Gillian R. Cailing
* Assistant Secretary/Encoder
* Take over the duties of the secretary if not around

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Approaches
1. Project Identification and Selection
1.1 System Service Request
1.1.1 Develop SSR
1.1.2 Analyze SSR by Systems Priority Board
1.1.3 Assign SSR disposition
1.1.4 Allocate resources for Project Initiation and Planning Phase
1.2 Establish Project management procedures and modifications to SDM
2. Project Initiation and Planning Phase
2.1 Develop Project Plan
2.1.1 Develop overview of user requirement
2.1.2 Analyze risks
2.1.3 Construct Work Plan
2.1.4 Describe resource requirements for analysis phase
2.2 Develop Business Case
2.3 Review Project Initiation and Planning Phase
3. Analyze Phase
3.1 Determine requirements
3.2 Structure requirements
3.3 Select system direction
3.4 Refine business case
3.5 Update project plan
3.6 Review Analysis Phase
3.6.1 Review work done to date
3.6.2 Review updated business case
3.6.3 Allocate resources for logical design phase
4. Logical Design Phase
4.1 Document Information Flows
4.2 Document Data Requirements
4.3 Document processing logic
4.4 Document user interface
4.5 Refine Business Case
4.6 Update Project Plan
4.7 Review Logical Design Phase
4.7.1 Review work done to date
5. Physical Design Phase
5.1 Select Technology
5.2 Design Database and Files
5.3 Design Programs
5.4 Develop test plan
5.5 Plan installation
5.6 Refine business case
5.7 Update project plan
5.8 Review Physical Design Phase
5.8.1 Review work done to date
6. Implementation Phase
6.1 Programming
6.2 Testing
6.3 Education
6.4 Documentation
6.5 Installation
6.6 User-acceptance testing
6.7 Final Installation
6.8 Project Termination
6.8.1 Evaluate personnel
6.8.2 Review project with management
6.8.3 Release personnel
7. Maintenance
7.1 Annual system review
7.2 System audits
7.3 Submit System Service Request for changes

Quantitative Analysis
* Existing Operational Cost
Fixed Asset
ITEM COST Computer set Php. 25,000.00 Type writer Php. 3,000.00 Printer Php. 5,000.00
Variable Cost (Annual)
ITEM PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL Ball pen 5.00 24 pieces 120 Bond paper (long size) 150.00 3 reams 450.00 Bond Paper (short size) 125.00 3 reams 375.00 Ink Jet Cartridge 1,500.00 12 boxes 18,000.00 Liquid eraser 20.00 3 pieces 60.00 Stapler 40.00 1 piece 40.00 Staple wire 10.00 5 boxes 50.00 Record book 60.00 1 piece 60.00 Envelopes (long size) 2.00 100 pieces 200.00 Envelopes (short size) 1.50 100 pieces 150.00 Registry books 135.00 4 pieces 540.00 Baptismal certificates 75.00 4 pads 300.00 Confirmation certificates 75.00 2 pads 150.00 Marriage certificates 120.00 3 pads 360.00 Burial certificates 75.00 2 pads 150.00 Total 21,005.00

* Proposed Operational Cost
Supplies and Materials
ITEM PRICE QUANTITY COST Ball pen 5.00 24 pieces 120.00 Bond paper (long size) 150.00 3 reams 450.00 Bond paper (short size) 125.00 3 reams 375.00 Ink jet cartridge refill (200ml) 500.00 12 boxes 6,000.00 Liquid eraser 20.00 2 pieces 40.00 Stapler 40.00 1 piece 40.00 Staple wire 10.00 3 boxes 30.00 Record book 60.00 1 piece 60.00 Envelopes (long size) 2.00 100 pieces 200.00 Envelopes (short size) 1.50 100 pieces 150.00 Photocopy of forms 1.00 500.00 500.00 Total 7,965.00

* Developmental Cost (DC)
Programmer’s fee Php. 10,000.00
Visual Studio License Php. 15,000.00
Total DC Php. 25,000.00

Annual Benefits
AB = Annual Benefits
EOC = Existing Operational Cost
POC = Proposed Operational Cost
Formula: AB = EOC – POC
AB = 21,005.00 – 7,965.00
AB = 13,040.00
Payback Analysis:
PP = Payback Period
DC = Development Cost
Formula PP = DC/AB
PP = 25,000.00/13,040.00
PP = 1.9 or 1 year and 9 months

Requirement Specification
The proposed system will run using Visual basic 6.0 under Microsoft Operating System.
The hardware specifications include the following:
* 120 GB Hard Disk
* 512 MB DDRAM Memory
* 128 MB VGA Card
* Intel Pentium 4 (2.8 GHz)
* Uninterruptable power supply (500 VA)
* Antivirus/Antispyware Software

The proponents performed several testing on the proposed Computerized Information System of Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. After several test, the proponents concluded that the system is more efficient and reliable.
The system offers more advantages that could answer the problems met by the parishioners and the personnel of the parish like time consuming, low security, and manual systems. The application is user-friendly program so it can be easily understood and easily access by the user. This system is reliable and assured information in the station since the system is protected by a password to prevent unauthorized access to system. This system is has a computerized database or data storage and a data security that can print certificate automatically. In this fast and reliable computerized system, the problems met by the parishioners are answered without having much time and effort.
Thus, the objectives of the study sited by the proponents are met and are successful.
The proponents based the research in the study conducted by the fourth year students, batch 2007-2008 in their final study on Immaculate Conception Parish Computerized Information System (Jasaan, Misamis Orienta). The said proponents were Katrina Cristofidis and Carmela Tabequero, students Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Mindanao Polytechnic State College – Jasaan Campus.

Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish (Balingasag, Misamis Oiental)
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